Introduction to HACCP and HACCP Certification

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point. HACCP is an internationally recognized management system that ensures food safety by reducing the risks of the physical, chemical and biological hazards in the production processes and bring them to a safe level.

The HACCP System helps identify and control the potential biological, chemical or physical hazards at critical points in the process. HACCP is an effective system of minimizing or eliminating food hazards, which can be adopted by organizations across the food chain.

The Seven Principles of HACCP

HACCP Certification in India UAETo implement HACCP in your organization, the following seven principles are to be understood and implemented:

1. Conduct a Hazard Analysis.
2. Identify the Critical Control Points
3. Establish Critical Limits
4. Establish Monitoring Procedures
5. Establish Corrective Actions
6. Establish Record Keeping Procedures
7. Establish Verification Procedures

The HACCP principles provides a framework of establishing a HACCP Plan for a process.

Advantages of HACCP Certification

Below mentioned are some of the advantages of achieving HACCP Certification in India and UAE

  • Improves food safety standards of the organization.
  • Ensures that your organization’s process produces food which is safe to consume.
  • A positive image is created in the market by the consumers that the food products manufactured by the organization is safe.
  • Avoids legal complications or lawsuits filed by the consumers for consuming unsafe food.
  • By avoiding food related incidents and preventing the failure of food safety, HACCP saves cost in the long run
  • Makes sure that you are compliant with the food laws and rules
  • HACCP enables organizations in the food chain to compete in the world market by propagating its commitment to safe food.
  • Reduces customer complaints
  • Enhances the business prospects

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