Introduction to ISO Consulting and ISO Internal Auditor Certification Services

ISO-Certification-Services-in-India-UAEPAZIO VERITAS CERTIFICATIONS provides value-added ISO Consulting Services and ISO Internal Auditor Certifications for ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 13485:2016.

Below is just learning information about Certification. Pazio Veritas Certifications is only a Management Consulting firm providing ISO Consulting Services and we are not a Certification Body and we do not provide Certification for ISO Standards.

What is ISO certification all about?

ISO Certification is a process of assessment of conformity to the selected ISO standard requirements carried out through a formal audit by a Certification Body accredited to an Accreditation body. If, by the audit process, the requirements are satisfied by the organization, the Certification body shall award the ISO Certificate.

ISO Certification process - Steps to obtain ISO certificate

Post implementation of the ISO Standard, below are the ISO Certification steps which are common for most of the ISO Standards:

  1. Based on the need of the customer, we help our customer arrive at the right certification body and accreditation.
  2. Customer requests for quotation. We arrange for the same.
  3. Customer negotiates with the Certifying body and finalizes the dates of audit.
  4. Certification body conducts a Stage 1 audit to verify documentation as per the ISO standard requirements
  5. If Non conformities or areas of concern are observed in Stage 1, the Certification body gives some time depending on the nature of area of concern / non-conformity to resolve the same.
  6. Once the customer resolves the NCs, the Stage 2 (Implementation audit) follows at a mutually agreed date.
  7. Certification body conducts a Stage 2 audit to verify implementation as per the ISO standard requirements.
  8. If Non conformities are observed in Stage 2, the Certification body gives some time depending on the nature of non-conformity to resolve the same. After resolution, the certification body rechecks whether the NCs are solved.
  9. If the body is satisfied with the NC closures, it recommends the customer for Certification.
  10. A soft copy of the certificate will be sent by the ISO Certification body followed by a hard copy.

ISO Certification Check (ISO Certification Verification)

The ISO Certificate verification for authentication can be done at the ISO Certification body website and/or at the ISO Accreditation body website if these bodies have provided for in their respective websites. The ISO Certification validity period will be mentioned in the ISO certificate.

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ISO Certification advantages

What ISO Certification means for your business? Following are the key benefits:

  1. Enhanced efficiency and effectiveness of the Management Systems
  2. ISO Standards provide set of rules that optimisesthe processes of the organizationwhich reduces cost and improves the bottom line of the organization.
  3. ISO Standards lead to improved quality and hence enhances customer satisfaction which means more business
  4. ISO Certification can be a gateway to explore new markets globally
  5. Improved productivity means improved market share
  6. Provides competitive edge over competitors
  7. To the society, conformance to ISO Standards enhances confidence of the consumers in terms of safety, reliability, good quality and other advantages. This improves trust among consumers and builds brand image.
  8. ISO standards help National governments in developing policy.

In the long run, the ISO Certification Services in India UAE uses will multiply making you march toward excellence.

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