ISO 22000 Certification in India and UAE for Food Safety Management System Certification

ISO 22000 Certification in India UAE Oman BahrainConsumption of food contaminated with harmful substances can lead to serious health issues. Hence it becomes important to ensure that the organizations in the food chain prepare, pack, distribute and sell food that is safe to consume, ISO has published an International Standard called ISO 22000 on Food Safety Management System (FSMS). Know more about the ISO 22000 Certification Process.

What are the advantages of ISO 22000 Certification ?

Below are the various advantages of the ISO 22000 Certification:

  • ISO 22000 Certification puts a system in place to control food hazards to make food safe for human consumption
  • Eliminates food borne diseases
  • Improves the food brand image and enhances the Organization’s image
  • Enhances customer confidence in the food products manufactured by the Organization
  • Enhances the stakeholder confidence with regard tothe hazard controls implemented by the Organization
  • Ensures Organizational commitment to manage food safety risks & hazards and exercise control across the food supply chain
  • May ensure qualification as a global food supplier

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