ISO Gap Analysis

After deciding to implement the ISO Standard and get started with the exercise, ISO Gap Analysis can be the perfect start for organizations. Conducting a gap analysis gives a good understanding about where the organization’s management system stands in terms of compliance to the standard. The Gap Analysis presents the gaps between expected ISO standard requirements and the present way of working. Based on this, the timelines, resource requirements, documentation requirements, etc can be arrived at.

ISO Gap Analysis

Benefits of Gap Analysis

There are many benefits of conducting a gap analysis. Some of them are as below:

  1. Gap Analysis helps in identifying the weaknesses in the management system
  2. Any risks in the organization’s processes can be identified through the gap study.
  3. It helps to understand the kind of efforts required to get ISO Certified.
  4. Helps in estimating the realistic timelines for the ISO certification assessment
  5. The top management can determine the resources required to implement the ISO standard.
  6. Serves as an eye-opener for organizations since the deficiencies will come to the fore.

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