ISO Internal Auditor Training in Bangalore

iso internal auditor training in bangalore

PAZIO VERITAS CERTIFICATIONS provides value-added ISO Internal Auditor training in Bangalore. This training focuses on providing training to selected Internal Auditors to enable them to conduct audit as per the ISO standard.

Internal Audit is an important activity of the ISO standard implementation. An Internal Audit determines how effectively the management system is implemented. Internal Audit helps in improving the processes of an organization. The Internal Audits can be conducted effectively through trained Internal Auditors.

Who can attend the ISO Internal Auditor Course?

The ISO Internal Auditor Course is suitable for individuals who wish to know the ISO standard, conduct effective internal audits. The most suitable individuals will be:

  • Business Owners
  • Top Management Personnel
  • Managers / Employees
  • Any other level employee or worker (who has the competency and interest to audit)

The Objectives of the ISO Internal Auditor Course

The ISO Internal Auditor course trains selected professionals of an organization to help to develop Internal Audit competency. This will in turn help to conduct effective Internal audits for the chosen ISO standard.

The objectives of ISO Internal Auditor Course are as below:

  • Plan and conduct an internal audit
  • Learning how to make formal opening and closing meetings
  • Report Audit findings. Then guidance on taking the necessary correction / corrective actions

Duration of ISO Internal Auditor Training in Bangalore

The duration of ISO Internal Auditors Course depends on the ISO Standard. It will be normally between 2.5 days to 4 days. For further information, you can contact us.

For your requirement of ISO Internal Auditor Training in Bangalore, please contact +91-9379917239 or email us at [email protected][email protected]